Becoming an ESL online teacher

Hello everyone! If you have found this post, you are probably curious about these “work at home” companies and all the amazing promises that make it sound to good to be true. I was in your shoes just a short year ago. Since I have started this journey- I was able to quit my job and stay home with my children. Now, I will tell you up front- with teaching ESL online you cannot put all your eggs in one basket- you will need to work at more than one company if you would like to do this as your full time job.

What is ESL? English as a second language.

What do I need? Most companies require AT least a bachelors degree or to be enrolled in a bachelors program. You will also need to complete the TESOL certification, some may hire you prior to obtaining the certification. You can get one fairly cheap and easy here.

How is the pay? It varies by company. You can make anywhere between $18-$30/hour based on the companies I work for and have researched. Yes, you WILL get paid from the companies that I recommend. Now, keep in mind that most of the classes are 30 minutes so you are actually making $9-$15 per class.

How do I get paid? The companies that I have worked for pay with paypal, directly to your bank through a transfer, and Chime (I have never tried this, but I hear it is nice and legit).

In my next post I will discuss the companies I currently work for, have been hired with and have worked for in the past but chose to leave(& why). The companies in that list are- Qkids, Magic Ears, VIPkid, iTutor and Palfish. I also started the process with SayABC so I will touch on what I know about that company as well. I will also list other companies that I know of that are legit and their pay rates/requirements to be hired.

Published by takingbacksavy

SAHM mom of 3. ESL teacher for Qkids, Magic Ears & Naativ. Cheer mom.

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