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Hello! Today I will be telling you about one of the companies that I work for.

The first one of these companies that I currently work for and have worked for the longest is Qkids. I love this company. Let’s start with the pay. The base pay is $8 per class. There is a $1 per class bonus if you teach 15 or more classes in a week(attendance). There is another $1 bonus per class if you receive 4&5 star ratings for the class for the parents(performance). While it does suck to lost a potential bonus because a parent may not like you, I know in my situations it has helped me push harder in the next class to make sure I am being the best teacher that I can be.

Now the schedule. During most of the year, there are morning classes at (EST) 6:40AM, 7:20AM, 8:00AM, 8:40AM, 9:10AM Monday-Sunday. There are also night classes on Friday/Saturday ay 8:40PM, 9:20PM, 10PM, 10:40PM, 11:20PM. During the Summer (July/August) there are night classes EVERY night. There are also night classes during the Chinese New Year while students are out of school. During DST, all the classes will move back an hour so they are beginning at 5:40AM instead of 6:40.

How is the interview process? I have worked for Qkids for a year so it is a little different than when I started. You will need to fill out an application (I will link it at the bottom). If you meet the basic requirements-

Bachelors degree or currently enrolled
TESOL Certification- which you can get after you are hired (or at least you could in the past)
Ability to work 12 classes a week (6hours)
A computer or laptop (no tablet)

If you meet the requirements then you will be asked to schedule an interview. You will meet with one of the Qkids team members and if they decide they want to move forward then you will be asked to do trial classes. I did 4 trial classes before I was officially hired. I was paid for all of my trial classes and my demo class once I was officially hired.

Can I cancel classes? You can cancel classes with NO repercussions 5+ hours in advance. Say that I have a class that starts at 6:40AM, I have until 1:40AM to cancel that class with no issues. You can cancel 3 classes a week under that 5 hour mark and have no issues. When you cancel the 4th class you will lose your attendance bonus for the week. If you have any no show classes (overslept,forgot,etc) then you will lose your attendance bonus for the week.

How do I get the performance bonus? Parents rate you on a 5 star scale. As long as you receive an average above 4 for the class then you will receive the bonus. On top of the stars, the parents can leave you tags. Red tags are bad, green tags are good. Red tags usually mean you will not get a bonus for that class.

How long am I hired for? Qkids is on a 6 month contract basis. After your 6 months are up, you will be reviewed and they will reach out if they want to extend another contract. I am currently finishing up my second contract.

What are the classes like? Qkids offers 1v4 (one teacher, four students), 1v2, and 1v1 classes. Most of the classes you will receive are 1v4 and 1v2. They do offer fixed classes, but you have to be requested by the parents to have a fixed student. Each course is 30 minutes long and needs to be no less than this. All of the courses are set up for you- you do not come up with the course material. The classes are all set up basically the same- we have an intro story where we meet Momo & Koby (or some other characters), who are the Qkids main characters. Then we review our previous words from the Unit. The next slides are learning the new words. Then we review by playing games, doing an animated story, maybe some free talk and then end on the same screen we started on. At 28 minutes, we enter the leaderboard. Here we will tell each student how great they did and give them a sticker of some kind- animated or just a sticker.

What are standby classes? Sometimes you will be booked for a standby class. For this type of class, you need to be at the computer in the app 3 minutes before the start time. So 6:37 for a 6:40 class. You need to stay there until 6:43. 3 minutes after class has started. If another teacher has difficulties, the class will be passed off to you. If it converts to a class you will hear a ding and then you will be asked to enter the classroom. If the class does not convert, you will be paid $4. Below is a picture of the start of my schedule for next week, you can see the orange standbys.

How do I get started? If you would like to apply, you can do so here.

If you have ANY further questions, please comment here or reach out to me at my email If you decide to apply and have any questions or need any help with your demo/trial classes or anything else, please send me an e-mail. I am hear to help! (:

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